New range of MNF series air condensed chillers, three versions available.

M version (single-phase) stainless steel tank, coaxial evaporator, rotary compressor.

E version (three-phase) plastic tank, plate evaporator made of stainless steel, rotary compressor in (mod.10 ÷ 15) and scroll compressor in (mod.20 ÷ 30).

F version (three-phase) hermetic tank, plate evaporator made of stainless steel, scroll compressors.

The entire range is equipped with:

  • Filter in the condenser
  • By pass
  • Water filter in the process return.
  • Phase control.

The MNFE version is equipped with a flusostat to control the water circulation.

The MNFF version is equipped with differential pressure switch to control the water circulation and are also protected with the cataphoresis system to prevent water corrosion.

Axial fans in all range. In versions M and E water loading is manual.

Cooling capacities range from 1.35 kW to 412 kW (water 7ºC / 12ºC and ambient temperature 35ºC).

Version M is managed by an XR60CX electronic controller.

Versions E and F are managed by an IC 201 electronic controller.