Flow control and temperature monitoring

Compact design and manufacturing quality. Easy integration with the injection molding machine as well as maximum control of flow and temperature in the process.

Ideas and advantages of the vortex or piston system

  •  Multi-circuit distribution system with integrated measurement of the flow and temperature    in multiple independent  circuits
  • Individual regulation of the volume of water and return temperature of each circuit.
  • Robust  and compact design in brass/stainless steel
  • Monitoring of the flow, temperature, and optionally, pressure
  • Automatic regulation of the flow and temperature of each circuit  using a proportional valve or in manual trought hand valves
  • Collection and Collection and evaluation of process data, storage of parameters.

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Vortex inline flow measurement with integrated PT1000 temperature monitor

Vortex sensors measure flow through the turbulence generated by the water as it passes through it. Depending on its speed, it generates turbulence inside the body, the signal is read through of a piezo ceramic sensor. This method of measuring the flow rate, is based on the Karman vortex principle. Is completely independent of pressure and temperature fluctuations in the medium.  The flow generates a current signal (4 … 20 mA), the PT1000 probe is integrated in the flow meter. Optionally, an analog pressure sensor (4…20 mA) can be installed.  The sensors used are mounted in the return line of each circuit.

Flow measurement by piston with PT1000 temperature sensor

The flow sensor works on the principle of a spring loaded piston. Piston rests on valve seat, lifts up due to force that exerts the flow of the fluid against the piston spring. The analog signal of (4… 20mA) is determined through the position of the piston. The force of the spring ensures the piston returns to its starting position when the flow slows down. This allows the flow sensor to de installed in any orientation and prevents backflow. The temperature probe it is not integrated in this type of sensors, allows us to work with high temperature range up to 180ºC. The temperature is measured by a PT1000 thermocouple. Optionally an analog pressure sensor (4…20 mA) can be installed. The sensors used are mounted in the return line of each circuit.

The multiple flow distribution system is used to measure and control the volumetric flows of liquid media, it is characterized by its variability, its compact and robust design. Our modular system allows us to offer you a solution that meets your specific needs, being very easy to install.

In addition to its unique design, the multiple distribution system is characterized by low maintenance, high measurement precision and detailed monitoring of information and process parameters. A large number of functions are available to the user, such as:

    • Documentation of the process
    • Alarm activation when limit values are reached.
    • Ability to save parameters.

The measuring and monitoring function of the multi-circuit distribution system can be designed to meet the requirements of customer-specific applications. Through a controlled and continuous flow of water, the distribution system ensures precise regulation in all types of applications and all temperature ranges. The distribution system is suitable for for open and closed circuits and temperatures up to 180°C

Economic advantages:

  • Improves the transfer of heat on the mold because hose bridges are not necessary
  • Reduces the pressure loss due to its lack of hose bridges
  • Increases the flow of water
  • Reduces the overall cost of installation and the energy consumption
  • Exact localization of the source of the problem since the circuits are separated
  • Ability to influence specific segments of the mold
  • Regulates and monitors each temperature control circuit in the mold
  • Increases the stability and traceability of the process
  • Shorter setup and cycle times

Technical advantages:

  • Measurement and monitoring of the flow, temperature, and optionally pressure
  • Manual shut-off ball valve in the supply and return lines
  • High measurement accuracy, high functional reliability
  • Water distributed close to the mold as well as short hoses
  • The system is easy to integrate into machines and systems
  • Insensitive to pressure surges
  • Compact and robust design
  • Ability to choose various measurement ranges
  • For hot water and thermal oil applications
  • Suitable for open and closed circuits

Visualization and monitoring

  • 4.3” or 7” colour touchscreen display with alarm
  • Status overview with information for each circuit
  • Mold data administration.
  • Visualization and monitoring of the flow, temperature, and optionally pressure
  • Display of the limit values with detailed text and alarm messages
  • Process data logging with a logging interval
  • Ability to save the mold parameters and alarm history
  • Alarms are reported to the injection molding machine
  • Serial data interfaces

We offer you:

  • Optimal setup and machine optimization with all hoses needed for machines and molds
  • Development of an economical machine and mold hose configuration
  • High level of reliability through robust and compact designs